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Diamond Grinding & Grooving, the best solution for transportation safety and service. Respect is the key to running a successful business. Showing respect to customers and to each other, the Diamond's Grinding and Grooving team provides a friendly, service-orientated atmosphere.

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Pattern Grooving "Grooving" is a dicing technique that produces custom groove patterns on the workpiece instead of cutting through the material. It can be applied to piezoelectric ceramics (PZT) for Sonar arrays and other materials for producing waveguides.

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Thank you for your interest in Southeast Grinding and Grooving. Browse through the pages for an overview of Services. Diamond Grinding · Hourly Grinding or Corrective Bump Grinding · Diamond Grinding for Restoration and Texture on new or existing Pavement. Grooving · Transverse Bridge Deck Grooving

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Grinding And Grooving Highly skilled professionals and technologically sound concrete grooving and grinding machines deliver results on bridge decks, airport runways, parking decks, and other slab applications. With our high-speed profiler we make sure surfaces meet federally mandated standards and performance ratings of their roadways.

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Grooving and Grinding. Diamond Coring provides grooving and profile grinding services to restore riding quality to concrete roadway/runway surfaces and …


Wagman Heavy Civil offers Grooving & Grinding services to improve road and bridge deck imperfections, create a smoother ride and provide a variety of …

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concrete grooving machines germany ... Highway Grinding, Services include concrete grooving and grinding in dairy barns, roads, and bridge decks. Also perform epoxy removal., Performs concrete grooving » Learn More. Industrial Machinery, Conquest Machine Manufacturer from Mumbai.

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Grooving & Grinding Services. With the capability of changing the blade spacing on the 30″ wide cutting head, the transverse Groover efficiently cuts shallow channels on the surface of large, flat areas of asphalt or concrete.


Grinding and Grooving Computer-controlled equipment and specialized tooling allow Pinnacle Roller to offer a full array of geometric crowning profiles, tapers, and grooving patterns. Shown below are some of the common grinding and grooving patterns that Pinnacle can handle.

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Slab Grinding. Grinding with diamond tools can quickly and economically remove unwanted concrete or foreign material from the tops of slabs. Smoothing concrete at joints or removing the lumps with gas or electric power makes grinding a versatile process.

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Grinding + Grooving Services Surface preparation and rehabilitation require the use of heavy-duty grinders — and we've got both the top-notch equipment and the professionals to tackle any level of grinding intensity you need.

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Pinnacle Grinding and Grooving LLC, (Employees: Christina Maria Brandt and Travis Owen Brandt) holds a Concrete Related Services license according to the California license board.. Their BuildZoom score of 94 ranks in the top 24% of 336,931 California licensed contractors.

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Laser grooving technique offers benefits particularly when dicing low-k-materials. First, the material, which is difficult to be processed by dicing blade, is removed by laser grooving. Laser grooving is followed by step cut or single cut by blade dicing.

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Grinding Services Smooth out bumps and trip-hazards in concrete floors and eliminate problem areas. Grooving Services The transverse Groover efficiently cuts shallow channels on the surface of large, flat areas of asphalt or concrete.

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Grooving. Grooving is a technique of cutting perfectly consistent, parallel grooves into the pavement using diamond saw blades. Grooving provides improved water drainage on roadways, reduces pavement drying time, increases friction, reduces hydroplaning, and enhances overall road safety.

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BOCA Construction Inc. offers Ohio and the surrounding states subcontracted services including asphalt milling, diamond grinding, diamond grooving …

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Home / Services / Grinding and Grooving. Grinding. Floor grinding can remove between 5 and 6 mm of thickness and imperfections caused by drying, glue and other factors. It's a useful technique in preparing for a new floor, or creating a desired texture and landscaping to the concrete. Floor grinding allows you to remove defects and produces a ...

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Diamond Grinding new pavement. Continuous grinding method used to optimize ride quality and meet stringent specifications also adds a corduroy skid resistant texture. Proven process to extend pavement life with major safety benefits.

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HAZEN Grooving And Grinding INCORPORATED FreightConnect. HAZEN Grooving And Grinding INCORPORATED is a DOT registered motor carrier located in PUNTA GORDA, FL. View phone number, email, key contacts, trucks, drivers ... Online Services

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grooving to alleviate the slick, polished concrete surface of the roadway; reduce the possibility of hydroplaning; and revitalize the 24-year-old highway section.

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Pavement Profile Grinding Services Grinding provides a smooth riding surface that is often as good as or better than new pavement. Diamond Grinding & Grooving's grinding equipment is capable of corrective (bump) grinding or continuous grinding depending on the job requirements.

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This roller also benefited from our roller grooving services. It is a deep-grooved contact roller, 10 inches in diameter, features a rounded radius cut (as opposed to square cut) on both the groove bottom and land top.

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Grooving & Grinding Grooving With this process, originally developed in the USA, a special device (BumpCutter) is used to cut narrow grooves, e.g. 3 x 3 x 20 mm, in concrete or asphalt pavements, thereby improving the drainage of water between tires and the roadway surface.

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Interior Grinding & Grooving Cobra Concrete Cutting Services Co. offers an effective alternative for removing and re-pouring areas of recessed concrete or the removal of high points in concrete. Our equipment comes with an array of grinders and groovers that will allows us to accommodate a variety of specialty concrete needs for interior jobs.

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Grinding & Grooving Diamond Grinding Diamond grinding was originally conceived as a practical, economical way of bringing new highways and airport runways into profitable tolerance.

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MSGG Series, Medium Speed Grinding/Grooving Head ; HSG Series, High Speed Grinding Head ; ... Services; Contact Us MSGG SERIES, MEDIUM SPEED GRINDING/GROOVING HEAD MODELS MSGG 125. Product Description and Specifications: ... MSGG Medium Speed . Grinding/Grooving Head .